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Our Coffee and beverage


Coffee & Tea

Bacolod coffee

Served black or with milk

28 Peso

Ice coffee

Bacolod coffee served with crunch ice

28 Peso


Choose your tea please ask the waiter what we can offer

25 Peso

Ice tea

Get you favorite tea served with ice

25 Peso

Chocolate hot

Creamy chocolate served hot with whipped cream

35 Peso

Chokolate cold

Creamy chocolate served cold with ice & whipped cream

35 Peso

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Ginger Shot´s "Get your day started"

Ginger, lime and lemon

18 Peso

Avocado and banana smoothie

Avocado, banana, parsley & honey

48 Peso

Cucumber lime and mint juice "The green bandit"

Cucumber mixed with lime, honey and mint

45 Peso

Mango Lassi

Mango from Guimaras island, mixed with love and sunshine

45 Peso

Sta Barbara Rock & Roll "Lemongrass lemonade"

Mixed with lime and ginger

45 Peso

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Coca Cola

35 Peso


35 Peso

San Miguel Pilsen

45 Peso

San Miguel Light

40 Peso

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